About Canada Unvisited

A four-man indie band from Helsinki, Finland. A mysterious country on the other side of the Atlantic. A theme album based on some travel guides, random facts and months of googling. Join The Teenage Lesbians on their imaginary journey from sea to sea. This is… CANADA UNVISITED.

– – –

What is this “Canada Unvisited” nonsense all about?

It is an imaginary journey to the land of maple syrup, by a Helsinki-based indie band The Teenage Lesbians. And no, we have never actually set foot in Canada.

Most of all, Canada Unvisited is a theme album that we have been working on for a long time. It has been years since we started writing and recording songs for the mysterious Canada-themed project.  We hope to release a new song and possibly a video about once a month, as soon as we’re done with the final mixes and videos and stuff.

Will we release a CD or a 12″ of Canada Unvisited someday? Who knows. I’d like to see a real album with a massive arty booklet, but we’ll just have to see what happens. We are currently unsigned, so if you are a record company A&R (preferably from a small independent label), we’re open to suggestions.


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