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Sounds of Canada

Uforgettable musical moment from Canada

 Canada might be best known for royal mounties, bigfoot hiding in the mighty pine woods, teeth splinters on a hockey rink and maple leafs on anything, but there is a music scene too. It’s a-okay, seriously. Most commonly known artists are apparently mrs Dion and mr Adams but fuck them. Here’s a spotify playlist to pleasure you for a couple of hours introducing established old masters as: Neil Young, Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen, some hip bands you probably thought were from the States like: Crystal Castles, Tegan & Sara, Wolf parade and Death from above 1979,  but mostly artists unknown to the world outside the Dominion such as: Die Mannequin, Poppy Family, Constantines, Viletones and Teenage head.
So take your shoes off, kill your boss with a log and enjoy the show:

(Spotify playlist. You can install it for free from here:


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Radium Hot Springs are no more radioactive than a luminous watch

Radium Hot Springs are no more radioactive than a luminous watch.

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“Safety Measures” video shoot

Photos from the “Safety Measures” video shoot, day 1.

Kumpula, Helsinki, Finland.

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Next 2 videos

Canadian Landscapes

The Teenage Lesbians is now shooting videos for the next 2 single releases.

“Ruins of Saskatoon” is set in year 3000, long after the last human being has left the building. “Safety Measures” is a set of instructions for outdoor use. The videos will be released in January & February if all goes well.


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Vancouver Skyline video + free mp3/wav download

The Teenage LesbiansVancouver Skyline (press play to listen)

The long awaited 1st single from The Teenage Lesbians’ forthcoming theme album Canada Unvisited is here!

You can download a good quality mp3 for free.

For hi-fi enthusiastics and Dj’s we have a 16 bit WAV file.

Oh yes, and there’s more on our Facebook page.

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Good morning Vancouver

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